Friday, January 20, 2006


How College Girls Get Scammed into Porn Movies

While a graduate student two years ago I was an undergraduate advisor to a group of students. Half were boys, half were girls. One of the girls that was on scholarship for field hockey complained several times about lacking spending money and not having time to get a job with the burdens of class and sports. I advised her to take out additional loans and not compromise school or athletics. One night she came to my room fairly distraught and went on to tell me about how she was essentially scammed into being in a porno. That afternoon she had responded to an add for a modeling opportunity. She had called and they gave her a time and place to meet for the shoot. They said it was for a girls clothing line. She arrived at the building with one of her friends. She described the place as a rented warehouse facility with what looked like a professional photo set inside. Inside they saw two other girls, so were reassured of at least some legitimacy. First she said her friend was asked to come into one of the rooms while she waited in a waiting area. Then she was asked to come in a separate room after about an hour of sitting around. Inside she said there was a photographer and small set resembling a bedroom. She was told to change into a relatively conservative outfit. From there she said they took several photos of her in pretty benign poses. Then they had her put on a couple more outfits, all pretty simple, leading her to further believe things were legitimate. She was then asked to put on a cheerleaders outfit. The photographer had her pose in what she described as more embarrassing ways. In one shot she said he had her get on all fours. He then offered her $500 if she would take her top off. She said she hesitated but when she saw the cash, she went along. She said a few pictures were taken. Then another man entered and told her that she could make $1000 more if she took all her clothes off and posed for some more pictures with him. She said she adamantly opposed. The guy then offered her $2000 and took the bills out. She said she contemplated and then said okay, but only a few pictures. She said first she was just standing alone naked, then the guy told her to lie on the bed in the corner of the small room. She said he took off his shirt and pants and moved onto the mattress with only his underwear on. She said he did not touch her. She said she asked how many more and the photographer told her to turn over on her stomach. She did and then looked over and the guy had taken his shorts off and was standing over her. She then "freaked out," got off the bed and went over to retrieve her clothes only to find they had been taken. She turned to the photographer and said she was done and wanted her money so she could leave. He told her if she wanted her money she would have to do more. She said she told him she just wanted her clothes so she could leave. He apparently told her she would have to do something for them first. She said she tried to open the door but it was locked. She then turned to the guy and said she was going to call the police. He told her that they would take the video of her naked and put it all over the internet unless she fulfilled her end of the bargain. She said that she argued with them for a few minutes, threatening to sue and call the police. They told her the pictures would be all over the net before anything could be done unless she spent some time on the mattress with the other guy. At that she said she became distraught and started screaming. They then let her out of the room. She said she ran over to the waiting room and found some of her clothes. Once dressed she said she screamed for her friend. Then the two guys came over in laughter and told her to calm down that they were just kidding around. She said the one guy had his hand out with money and told her to relax, they were just messing with her. She then demanded to see her friend. They told her that she had left. She walked out to her car, but did not see her friend in there. When she went back in, she said the guys and the two girls she had originally seen in the lobby were all laughing and told her to calm down. Then her friend came around the corner completely dressed. She said she felt relieved that her friend did not appear to have the same experience she did. At that they both left and drove off. In the car she said her friend did not answer her first couple questions and then started crying. She said that her friend then told her what had happened to her. They basically pulled the same tricks on her, but in her room there was another girl that posed with her at first. The girl apparently acted as if she was another model, but was actually part of the scam. She did not put up as much of a fight as her friend. They had the girl first kiss then perform various sexual acts on the other girl. Then a third girl came in and started using a strap-on dildo on the other actor and then her friend. She said the first girl was gentle and petite, about her size, but the second was bigger and very physical. She said that her friend was slapped by the larger girl and forced lick her butt. You have to understand that she is a heterosexual girl and that having a dildo put in her by another girl is quite a shocking experience. She said the worst part was at the end when they were apparently finished and the two girls and the photographer all laughed and called her a slut.

The urged the two girls to contact the police and they did, however, the police were never able to press charges for a number of reasons.

In the report it came out that the girl I was a supervisor for actually gave the guy a blow job and ended up freaking out when the guy became rough and had his load on her face. The part that basically dismissed the case was when the girl's friend admitted to consenting to not only having sex with the two girls, but also with one of the men. It was apparent that they were coerced and taken advantage of, but since it was consented to on camera, nothing happened to the people.

The police told them that they believe that the group carries out similar acts all over the country under different names and sell the movies and pictures. Amazingly until they are caught with someone that is underage, nothing can be done. They also said that two of the men victimized a 14 girl and a 16 year-old girl in much the same way, but got off because they had them both sign legal documents guaranteeing there age. After the matter I did some legal research and found several reports of people impersonating photographers and creating sex films. In two more severe cases, girls were lured to places and then raped. One involved a college freshman being lured to location, drugged and brought to a hunting camp where she was repeatedly raped by over thirty men for several days.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Wife Swapping - Slut Wife

About three weeks ago my good friend and neighbor JJ got divorced from his wife after two years of marriage. JJ and his wife met three years ago at a bar and got married about a year later. She is a petite blonde and quite attractive. She always seemed like the ideal conservative housewife. I met most her friends at the wedding and they all seems like regular people.

Anyway, a few months ago my friend convinced his wife to attend a wife swapping party. The party was at a fairly wealthy couples house, so he felt confident it would be a tasteful event or at least as tasteful as a wife swapping party can be.

My friend said that he was matched with a 30ish brunette with a good body. He told me that she did not want to have sex, but did give him a blowjob. He left after and hour thinking that his wife had done the same and would soon return home.

However, after the party his wife did not come home until like three hours after expected and acted a little weird, but said everything went okay. She said she did not even have sex, just made out for a while. This seemed a bit suspicious given the duration. The next weekend when his wife was a bit drunk, she told him that her match had been a black guy and that he was a little rough. When he asked for more detail, she said nothing really happened and kept avoiding the subject. The next week, while checking his email, he decided to also look at his wife's to see if she had emailed any of her friends regarding the party. Below is the email chain he later forwarded to me. It is written by my friend JJ's wife Jess to her longtime friend Kelly. I am posting it as it is the most ridiculous story in which anyone I know has been associated. There will likely be some additional follow-up as Jess still lives across the street from me.


It has been a while, wanted to share some recent developments in my life. For about the last year, Jen, the one I was telling you about from the gym has been urging me and JJ to come to one of her “adult parties.” The kind where you come with your spouse and trade partners for one hour with another couple. She said most the time not much happens, but it is a real thrill. Remember I told you about this last spring? Well I told JJ and he seemed interested. I was very apprehensive, but over the last few months, he was able to convince me to check it out. So I got some more details.

Jen told me that everyone was voluntary and that often people only made out or touched a little. She described it as “a junior high makeout party for adults, a way to liven things up a bit.” This in mind, I thought we could give it a try once without compromising our marriage. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

So we decided to go and arrived at her house on a Saturday. I was very nervous and still apprehensive. We had a few drinks, which were strong. This helped me relax, but soon I found myself a bit drunk. Jen then came into the livingroom wearing a lingerie set. At this point there were about 16 people at the party. She then handed each of the women a room and key and told us to go up to our rooms, get dressed and await our men. I went up to my room, the only room on the third floor of the massive house. It was very classfully done, which put me at ease. In the room there was a small bar, so I made another drink. At this point I was quite drunk and even a little excited, I am a bit ashamed to admit. On the back of the door was a similar outfit to the one Jen was wearing. It took about ten minutes to put on. I looked in the mirror and thought I looked pretty damn good for 30. Perhaps from a little help from the alcohol.

A few minutes later, the door opened and a large man with another key came in the room. Apparently he was the man I was paired with. He was huge Kelly, he was also black, but pretty handsome. He introduced himself and said “I was hoping for you.” We then had a drink (which just made me more drunk) and we talked a little. He then asked if I had been with a black man before, I of course said no. I felt a little weird as I did not want to appear prejudice, so I told him it was not by choice, but by coincidence. He then kissed me and touched me a little. His hands must have been twice the size of mine. He seemed very nice and it felt good at first. He then put my hand on his pants and said want to see it? At that point I stood up and told him that I was not comfortable and wanted to stop. He asked if it was because he was black. I told him of course not, it was that I have not been with anyone but my husband since college. I felt bad. We had another drink and I was then officially bombed. We started kissing again, he took his shirt off and I touched his chest. He was very strong and actually made me a bit excited. He stood up from the bed and took his pants off revealing the largest penis I have ever seen. I am serious Kelly, he was like nine or ten inches long. He moved closer and moved the back of my head toward it. I touched it a little and then he put it on my lips. I licked it a little and then began to put it in my mouth. Next thing I knew I was completely giving him a bj. 'What am I doing, what am I doing' kept running through my mind.

Then he pulled me up and put me on the bed. He took my panties off and licked me. The next thing I knew he was putting himself inside of me. It was a little painful, but he was gentle, at first. I could see that he had a condom on so I was reassured. He kept putting it in a little further. He then told me to turn over and this is when things turned. He kept having sex with me but harder and harder. It told him to be gentle, but he kept going. The only thing I could do to keep from screaming was to grip the pillow. He kept going and going, it felt like forever. Then he stopped, I relaxed, but before I opened my eyes he had turned me over underneath him and was putting himself in my mouth. He basically jammed himself into my mouth and had a very large orgasm. In my mouth Jen! It was completely foul.

I could barely see and this is when I passed out from the alcohol and lack of air. I awoke to the most intense pain. I recoiled from the feeling to realize that he had put himself in my butt. In my butt! He pulled me back. I told him no, but he already had himself inside me again. It was terribly painful. He was also not wearing a condom. I basically shut down physically from the pain. I wanted out of there but could not get out of the position. He kept going and going like that. Then came the worst part when he made me give him another bj. He kept putting it in my butt and then turning me and putting it in my mouth. It was absolutely disgusting. He also had another orgasm, but missed my mouth putting most of it in my hair. With that he left the room after saying something I don’t remember. I wanted to cry from the humiliation and pain. I pulled myself together and left. I was the most awful and humiliating experience. I wish I had never used such poor judgment.
My god Jess that sounds like a terrible experience. What a monster that man is!! I can’t believe all that happened. How long did it last? Where you in pain or sick after? Was the whole thing terrible or only parts? I would have called you to discuss, but I am still on Barcelona. I am so sorry. How are you and JJ dealing?
I can tell you that I have never had it so rough before? He was really an animal. As I look back on it now, there were definitely some painful and humiliating parts, but there was also some pleasure. Had it not lasted for over two hours, I probably would have been a bit more reasonable. I was quite sore for about two weeks after, fortunately no sickness, given he did not use protection. JJ and I haven’t been intimate since the experience. Hopefully he be okay with everything soon.
You little slut!!! I can’t believe you. You have got to be joking me here. You did it for two hours with a guy with a nine inch thing!!?? That sounds crazy Jess. After the story you send I thought you would be in therapy or something. Do you have a black fetish or rough fetish that you never told me about?????
I know. I kind of am. I liked it because I felt liberated from my conservative life. I have only slept with three men and had the same type of sex over and over. It was a release to have a new experience. I never thought I would think that, but I have come to realize this now. I felt like I had been abused and humiliated initially, but after contemplation, have found it exciting and refreshing.
Are you serious? I can’t believe what I am reading Jess. You are one of the most conservative women I know. Have you seen this guy since? Does JJ know all this detail?
You are not going to believe this either, but I actually saw him about a month ago. It was crazy, but I was more prepared this time. JJ does not really know anything? I did tell him it was a black guy at the party, but I only told him that we madeout.
My god Jess, that is soooooo crazy. What was he like the second time? Was he as rough?
He is a sexual animal Kel, we did it for nearly four hours last time. He came five times. Five times. There is something so animalistic about him that drives me crazy. He weighs 270 pounds and is very muscular and hairy. When we were done, the bed was so soaked to the mattress from his sweat. I can’t believe I am telling you all this, but I need to tell someone and you are the only person I can.
Wow!! What else did he do? I have never heard of anyone like that? Since I have been working in Spain you have turned into a porno girl.
He loves to be in control and change positions a lot. One minute I will be getting taken on my back, the next from behind and the next giving him a bj. He had me give him a bj where he put his balls in my mouth and then had me lick him from behind. It sounds gross, but there was something primitively erotic about it that drove me crazy. He is so masculine and hairy. After about ten minutes he builds up such a sweat that it runs down his body. He smell drives me wild Kelly. It is so raw and animalistic. I had two orgasms from him taking me from behind. Having butt sex is very painful at first, but once you have done it once, it is pretty incredible. He was able to put almost his whole manhood inside me this time. Even after his second orgasm, he kept going. I let him have an orgasm inside me this time, it felt amazing. I know all this sounds completely crazy, but I have found a side of myself that I never knew existed.
Jess, you are an animal as well. Licking his balls and butt. Are you out of your mind? I don’t believe this is the Jess that wouldn’t kiss guys with her tongue in high school. I am completely speachless. Are you going to do it again?
I am not sure, JJ and I have been having some problems lately. He has acts so weird around me ever since the party.

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